Earlier than changing into synonymous with Fruit and Turtleneck, Steve Jobs spent a short time at Atari, the biggest videogame firm on the earth on the time. Employed by the well-known Al Alcorn to create Pong in 1974, when he was solely 18, Jobs grew to become Atari worker quantity 40. (opens in new tab), Honest sufficient, probably the most notorious story of its time is how he bought Steve Wozniak to do all of the heavy lifting to undermine Breakout’s use of Chip, then cheated on Wozniak on the cash he acquired as a reward.

Jobs didn’t keep at Atari for lengthy, shifting to India to hunt religious enlightenment after six months, then returning in 1975 earlier than leaving to discovered Apple on January 1, 1976 (he served as Atari CEO Nolan Bushnell). provided $50,000 to 1/3 of Apple; Bushnell turned it down). Nevertheless it’s a outstanding a part of his profession—by all accounts, he was a raucous and smelly hippie looking for his manner, and an enormous tech firm took a punt on him.

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