Record of MS Phrase shortcut keys A to Z: Pc shortcut keys present a simple strategy to navigate the pc and execute instructions. The usage of shortcut keys is useful for pc customers, because it permits them to finish duties precisely and in much less time. You possibly can enhance your productiveness by utilizing shortcut keys. So right this moment on this article now we have supplied the entire listing of MS Phrase Shortcut Keys listing A to Z.

What’s Shortcut Key in MS Phrase?

Keyboard shortcuts are keys or mixtures of keys that present another strategy to do one thing that you’d usually do with a mouse. Principally, a pc shortcut is a set of a number of keys that invoke a command in MS Phrase. So you may enhance your productiveness by invoking instructions with just a few keystrokes, in any other case, it might solely be accessible through a menu or mouse.

MS Phrase All Shortcut Keys Record A to Z in Hindi

MS Phrase Shortcut Keys Record A To Z

Candidates can test all of the shortcut keys of Microsoft Phrase within the given desk.

MS Phrase Shortcut Key Record
shortcut use shortcut keys
Ctrl+A choose all
Ctrl + B journey
Ctrl + C copy textual content
Ctrl+I Italicize the highlighted choice
Ctrl + F discover
Ctrl + H discover and Change
Ctrl + J justify paragraph alignment
Ctrl + X reduce chosen textual content
Ctrl + N open a brand new/clean doc
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + P open print window
Ctrl + Okay enter hyperlink
Ctrl + U Underline the highlighted choice
Ctrl + V Paste it
Ctrl + G Discover and exchange possibility
Ctrl+Shift+= Set the chosen textual content as superscript.
Ctrl+= Set the chosen textual content as a subscript.
Ctrl + L Left-align chosen textual content or line
Ctrl + Q Align the chosen paragraph to the left
Ctrl + E Middle-align chosen textual content or strains
Ctrl + R Align chosen textual content or line to the proper
Ctrl + M indent paragraph
Ctrl + T hanging indent
Ctrl + D font choices
Ctrl + Shift + F change font
Ctrl + Shift + > Improve chosen font +1
Ctrl + ] Improve chosen font +1
Ctrl +[[[[ Decrease selected font -1
Ctrl + Shift + * View or hide non-printing characters
Ctrl + (Left Arrow) move one word to the left
Ctrl + (Right Arrow) move one word to the right
Ctrl + (Up Arrow) go to the beginning of a line or paragraph
Ctrl + (Down Arrow) move to end of paragraph
Ctrl + Del delete the word to the right of the cursor
Ctrl + Backspace delete the word to the left of the cursor
Ctrl + End move cursor to the end of the document
Ctrl + Home move cursor to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + Space Reset highlighted text to default font
Ctrl + 1 single-space line
Ctrl + 2 double-spaced lines
Ctrl + 5 1.5-line spacing
Ctrl + Alt + 1 Title of text 1. convert to
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Title of text 2. convert to
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Heading text 3. convert to
Shift + F3 Change case of selected text
shift + insert Paste it
F4 Repeat the last action taken (Word 2000+)
F7 Check the spelling of selected text and/or document
Shift + F7 activate thesaurus
F12 save as
Ctrl + S save
Shift + F12 save
Alt + Shift + D enter current date
Alt + Shift + T enter current time
Ctrl + W close document

mouse short key

Here, we are providing the mouse short key in the table below:

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FAQ: MS Word Shortcut Key List A To Z

Q1. What is the shortcut key to copy text in MS Word?

Answer. The shortcut key to copy text in MS Word is Ctrl+C simultaneously.

Question 2. What is the use of Ctrl+A in MS Word?

Answer. Ctrl+A is a keyboard shortcut to select all text in MS Word.

Q3. What is the use of Ctrl+H in MS Word?

Answer. Ctrl+H is the shortcut for Find and Replace in MS Word.

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